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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  September 2, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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up until a couple minutes ago some of the stuff under the radar now hundreds are slammed into your kitchen. rain or shine, you may want to squeeze in the last hours of summer. here's a sunday night look at the weather. >> skies are building up. look, this is the shot of downtown. you can see the clouds and the rain is falling across the area. now to maryland's doppler radar. a good dumping on rain.
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no lightning detected. there could be thunder from the cell as it drifts through baltimore city. another storm east of edgemere. no lightning just yet. chance of storms producing lightning is there. here's the forecast hour-by-hour. 76 degrees. humidity 73. chance of a shower. wake up to showers tomorrow morning at 71. we have an ugly forecast to share coming up. > let us not forget isaac. those living on the gulf coast will not. isaac, it came as a hurricane. it seems to have done a lot of damage already. many victims are spending another day with no electricity and tropical temperatures. they are wondering when the weather will go away. >> reporter: remnants of hurricane isaac were strong enough to spawn tornadoes in arkansas saturday. isaac is gone. hurricane left behind a trial
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by water. >> we are getting ready to get washed -- washed away. this is the result of plaquemines parish. whole neighborhoods swamped by currents. the only way to go home is by boat. they are keeping a nervous eye north of new orleans . on saturday residents were told to evacuate quickly over fears it would rupture unleashing a wall of water 11 feet high. evacuation was later canceled. >> everybody is stabled. integrity of the structure is fine. >> reporter: for the fifth straight day, hundred of thousands suffered without electricity in the heat. >> it is humid out here. everybody is hanging out on their front porches. it is the only place to get a breeze and keep cool. we got a generator but we can not run it.
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water and ice are precious commodities. >> community is helping everybody. >> reporter: suffering inflicted by isaac will long outlast the storm. >> i lost my vehicle, moments and everything. what i have with me now is actually what i own. you can take our forecast with you on the road. head to alert. how to download or weather app on your smart phone. you can get the storm shield app which will alert you when severe hits you. on the eve of a new police commissioner, philosophy of going after bad guys with guns continues. after 10:00 last night a special city unit spotted someone who looked like they had a gun. according to police, as they
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approached this guy on east lorraine he took off and ran into the house. police came after him. he reached in the waste band and pulled out a gun. police shot him several times. he is in the hospital with stable condition. he has several charges waiting for him. house party on the almeida had a shooting. a 22-year-old in the county was rushed to hopkins where she did not make it. she was in the front yard of the 4700 block where she was shot. she was the target. no suspects yet. 68-year-old died early saturday morning. firefighters rushed in and found him in ten try way already dead. while searching for others in the house, a firefighter fell through the floor of the basement. he issued a may day and his crew found him and rescued him. self proclaimed mosiah
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died. reverend moon died in south korea at the age of 92. his church gained fame for mass weddings. he was friends with nixon and reagan and softened the arguing with north korea. it was supposed to go up and down and zigzag. something went wrong. we'll take you to an air show in iowa. the crowd would not believe what they saw in the sky. checkered flag on the baltimore grandprix . >> we have isolated showers and storms. isaac is impacting our forecast. that's next.
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crowd was about to see an air jet perform a complicated
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maneuver with two other planes. they were to switch in midair and pass inches apart. john miller shows us how this iowa air show turned deadly. >> reporter: three jets in tight formation flew over the crowd at the iowa air show. it is a beautiful sight but in a matter of seconds it all went horribly wrong. ending in a fiery crash full of labor day spectators. pilots went in complicated maneuvers switching places in midair. one of the pilots lost control and dove nose down.
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>> i was instantly in tears. i knew more than likely he did not survive. >> reporter: in a nearby alpha fa field the smoking wreckage of the jet used by a group of warplane enthusiast called the hoppers. while the surviving hoppers grieved a loss, witnesses deal with the disturbing memories. >> it was scary and emotional. i was filming it with my camera. it was surprising. we'll take you west of the city limits towards randalls town. this is a downpour and slow moving storm. it is not producing lightning. we have been watching this fired up from edmond to key highway. this is producing heavy rain
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south of city limits towards brooklyn park. another cell out in edgemere crossing in the chesapeake. keep an eye on lightning. rock hall you saw a heavy downpour. that's weakening. lightning tracker confirmed. there is not much lightning with these cells. nothing detected now. that's good news. you can hear a rumble or two of thunder. seeing heavy downpours. sky cam showing inner harbor. we have heavy rain falling. 80 degrees outside of the airport. humidity way up there at 79%. southeasterly wind 6. 80 in town. 84 d.c. 77 easton. it is about the humidity. dew point values running well in the 70s. we'll classify that as a tropical feel. that will be the case through the evening. 76 8:00. 11:00 it is 73 degrees. 70s waking up. low 80s for tomorrow
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afternoon. all about shower variety and heavy downpours over the southern portions of the state. out towards the west this is leftovers from isaac funneling in in our direction. we have a frontal system just south. here's where isaac will be set up over the lower ohio valley. this combination will bring a stormy scenario. it is not going to rain every hour of the day over the next three days, we'll see spotty showers and thunder. there is the timeline. we'll stop it at 7:00 in the morning. good downpour pointing south and d.c. 70s going into the low 80s tomorrow afternoon. spotty showers again. better shot of heavier weather coming in tuesday afternoon. this is southeast of ocean city several thousand miles. notice it is a slow mover
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moving northwest eventually trying to go towards the north. this looks to bring a cat two status by the end of this week. we mentioned this because it will bring enhanced surf around the delaware coastline. certainly could bring in rip currents heading into the next several days. be mindful of that if you are headed to the shore. 71 is the call from the weather team. spotty showers. muggy. 82 degrees tomorrow. tropical downpours is the theme over the next three days. 84 tuesday. wednesday 84. main milder on thursday.
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we are not going to know how big the grandprix crowd was. it felt smaller from last year. the race will not tell us how many tickets are sold. coming downtown to see this in our own backyard is something to see. we talked to fans in the stands. >> they are kind of loud. >> a lot of horsepower and i'm here to watch wrecks. >> great weather. sunshine. it is not too bad. we are enjoying a beautiful day. we have good action in front of us. things falling off cars. cars spinning out. it is a lot of fun. >> will power won last year's race. this year it was won by ryan hunter ray. on thursday he held a party to raise money for the live strong cancer foundation. congratulations. spread the news, if you can win in new york you can win anywhere.
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he homered twice on friday. o's win. hit two more today. including three run shot as orioles beat the yankees to move within two game of first place. randy wolf got the victory. orioles go to toronto before coming home to face the yankees on thursday night.
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you are look at the world's largest crab cake. 300 pound at the state fair. you have maryland crab. eggs, breading and special seasoning. they started cooking at 2:00. it was ready by noon. crab cake sandwiches were
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served on switch buns. >> world or largest crab cake. it is pouring downtown. don't go downtown for dinner. it will be pouring for the next hour or so. seven-day forecast more showers tomorrow. humid. 82. 84 tuesday. downpours. wednesday 84. maryland spotlight is next. see you tonight at 11:00. wççñçñ
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work to maryland spotlight. i'm kim knight. a great smile gives you confidence. these days there is so much going on in the world of
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cosmetic dentistry. i wanted to bring along dr. block from crossroads dental arts. beautiful smile experts. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> how has there been so many changes recently? what's different? >> cosmetic dentistry many things have changed. our techniques, materials, technology so we can perform these procedures changed. that helped us to help with the cost of dentistry. the cost of cosmetic dentistry has become more affordable because we have so many procedures we can give to our patient's choices. >> least evasive and most evasive. let's touch on that. >> one of the least evasive and least expensive procedures we can do in cosmetic dentistry is whitening your teeth.
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sometimes we recontour and whitening. sometimes patients need a lift and they are happy. >> it makes you feel better when your teeth look pretty. >> how about invisiline. >> it is the alternative to braces. not only adults but teenagers have then done. i have invisiline in my mouth. >> i think i'm a candidate. >> these are liners. but they are very flexible. you wear these 22 hours a day. you only take them out to eat. >> that's important. it is not effective if you keep doing that. >> exactly. teeth will tend to go back and forth. that looks easy. >> every two weeks change set of liners. treatment takes anywhere six to nine months. sometimes 12 to 15 months. >> this is a before picture. this patient had a gap between her front teeth.
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she looks great. she is a teenager. people with crowded teeth are candidates. crowding, spacing, teeth too short or too long can be corrected with treatment. >> let's move on and talk about the veneers. >> patients whose teeth could be crooked or spaced or too short or too long or old discolored fillings or broken down teeth they can have veneers placed on their teeth. this woman was engaged to be married. she was not happy with her smile. luckily, after she got married she sent me this. eight veneers on her front teeth. she is a gorgeous bride. she is happy to smile. >> terrific. finally, we'll talk about the implant. >> implants are for patients missing one teeth or multiple
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teeth. basically an implant is a rod placed in the bone. usually a couple months later the dentist restores the tooth and places the cap or crown on the tooth. it is much shorter treatment than it used to be. you used to wait four to six months. now we wait two months. sometimes we put on the crown right away. we had a patient missing a front tooth and had to wear something removable for a long time and decided he wanted the implant in place. case finished. he is thrilled to pieces. >> it changes the whole look after you 100%. >> right. >> it is interesting. we have the least evasive to the most evasive. very affordable these days. in the past you would think
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cosmetic dentistry was expensive. now it is affordable. >> one other thing we wanted to talk about, for patients who can not afford these treatments or need a quick fix with their daughter's wedding coming up there is snap on smile. in two visits we take compressions. it is an acrylic tooth that gets snapped on the upper and lower teeth or combination of both. if they have the time to do it later down the line they can have veneers done. it is an alternative. it is less expensive. >> crossroads dental arts beautiful smile experts. thank you so much. i'm going to call you one of these days. >> thank you. you can get in touch with us. we'd be happy to do a complimentary consultation. >> thank you for joining us
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today on maryland spotlight. i'm kim knight.
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